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Maximize Your Full Potential.

Elite Performance Training + Everyday Fitness

what's your aim?

Aim Performance and Fitness is a Maine community created by former NFL players. It’s a place where anyone can be empowered to maximize their full potential through camaraderie, inspirational coaching, and science-based training. 

Whether you are a beginner needing to achieve fitness for the first time, a former sportsperson looking to rekindle that fire, or an elite youth athlete wanting to take your performance to the next level, we can help you achieve your aim.


OUR Programs

"Train like a pro."

At Aim Performance and Fitness we apply training principles derived from collegiate and professional sports and the latest science-based techniques across our spectrum of services. We provide fitness training for adults, all-sports performance training for youth, and football-specific training.


team workouts

In-season or off-season specialized training to help your team become athletically stronger as a whole, maintain fitness, and stay healthy.


The AIM Performance and Fitness team of Trevor Coston and Derek Session combines elite professional-level athletic experience, diverse educational backgrounds focused on child development, and deep-rooted passions for community involvement. 


“From simple conversation to

in-depth training, I strive to use my experience and passion to impact everyone around me, and inspire them to succeed through connection, coaching, and programming. Let's talk about your aim and how to achieve it."



“We started adult fitness classes but built a family as a result. If these groups have shown me anything, it’s that life is about the relationships and experiences you gain doing the things you love. Come join the family and experience something great.”



Our community thrives within the Aim field house featuring a large indoor turf field and a variety of functional equipment designed to enhance strength, performance, and fitness. We are centrally located and easy to find, right off Interstate 295.

Indoor Turf Facility


Trevor and Derek are top-of-the-line fitness coaches and both extremely passionate about what they do. For the first time in my life, I actually enjoy working out and look forward to every class. In just three months my strength, flexibility, and endurance have improved significantly!


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