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We create specialized in-season and off-season training workouts for scholastic teams from specific sports, or co-ed groups from mixed sports.


We have trained young athletes in basketball, lacrosse, football, hockey, tennis, golf, and more.


This is a rare chance for schools, coaches, parents and students to ensure that their individual teams or athletes from across departments will become faster, stronger, and more agile while focusing on injury prevention during the critical time between practice and competition.
Using our experience in Division 1 and professional athletics, we focus on plyometric exercises such as sprinting, change of direction, power and game-specific movements, decelerating, squatting, hinging at the hip, pulling and pushing to increase foundational speed, strength, and agility.


Our Team Workouts can take place at your location or at our state-of-the-art indoor turf facility.

The Cony High School Athletic Department in Augusta, Maine entrusts Aim with providing performance training for its athletes.



2 sessions per week

(Up to 50 participants each session)


Team Speed and Agility Training

$200 per session

Team Strength Training

$200 per session

Team Speed, Agility, and Strength Training

$300 per session


*Our Team Workouts program and per-session pricing requires a 6-week commitment for a total of 12 sessions.

Team Training Form

Please fill out the form below to start customizing a program for your team.

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Thank you! We'll be in touch soon.

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